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Velkommen til Norge

Our main destination in the summer is Norway.
The country is long and narrow, with more than 30 % of the land covered by forests, many rivers and lakes. Nearly half of the country is given over to mountain ranges. There are about 4,3 million Norwegians.

We have several sailing trips through this beautiful country.

Many claim that if you haven't seen one of the Norwegians beautiful fjords, then you haven't seen Norway.
A sailing trip with
De Hilde Baudine into a narrow fjord between sheer mountainsides, can be just as aptivating as impressive to look down on the Lysefjord from the Pulpit Rock near Stavanger.

There is no doubt that Western Norway is the place to go to. You see the most beautiful and classical Norwegian fjords, such as the Lysefjord, the Hardangerfjord and the
Sognefjord (the world's longest fjord).

Each of Western Norway's fjords possesses its own special beauty and character. While the nature around the Lysefjord is steep and barren, the fertile soil around the Hardangerfjord supports more life.

We offer you a opportunity to go with us for making a trip through these fjords.
The fjords are an exceptional example of the enormous forces unleashed during the Ice Age. You can stand on deck and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Take a look at our sailing program
and choose a sailing trip of your dreams!

Number 1 (09 July - 21 July, 13/14 days)
The Netherlands - Norway
Korshamn - Flekkefjord - Stavanger -
The Pulpit Rock - Rosendal - Sunndal - Folgefonn glacier - Bergen

Number 2 (18 July - 31 July, 11/14 days)
Bergen - Sognefjord - Balestrand - Fjærland - Suphellaglacier - Flåm - Vik -Bergen

Number 3 (28 July - 11 August, 12/15 days)
Bergen - Fedje - Florø - Nordfjord - Briksdalglacier - Hellesøy - Bergen

Number 4 (09 August - 23 August, 14/16 days)
Bergen - Sunndal - Folgefonn glacier - Hardangerfjorden - Rosendal -The Pulpit Rock - Stavanger - Flekkefjord - Korshamn - The Netherlands (Vlieland and Harlingen)

If you are already in Norway, step on board for one or more days!
You will get a discount on our price!

Ask the skipper for more details.
E-mail or phone now!


Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing


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