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Velkommen til Norge number 4
August - 23 August, 14/16 days, from
€ 1075,-)

Norway - The Netherlands
Bergen -  Hardangerfjord - Sunndal - Folgefonn glacier - Rosendal - Skudeneshavn - The Pulpit Rock - Stavanger - Flekkefjord - Korshamn - Vlieland

Our last sailing trip in Scandinavia will be number 4. Your departure from Dronrijp (The Netherlands) to Norway is on Thursday 9 of August. You will drive with our bus from Dronrijp to Hanstholm (Denmark). We have arranged cabins for you on board of the ferry to Bergen (Norway). In Bergen is our sailing yacht De Hilde Baudine. Your start for a beautiful vacation trough Fjord Norway!  

This trip from Norway to The Netherlands is especially for our guests who love sea-sailing.

Even Norway's largest towns are small compared with London, Paris or Rome. They are never so big that you can't find your way around, but neither are they so small that there is nothing to do! Each city has its own distinctive historical and cultural character.

Bergen is Norway's most international town. For part of the middle ages this city of seven mountains was the capital. The finest view of Bergen and it's surroundings is from mount Ulriken, after a cable car ride.

Along the harbor, you find the Bryggen. Bryggen is the most intact representative of an architectural tradition witch dates back almost nine hundred years. It's listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Bryggen has 61 protected buildings. The area houses a variety of businesses, including shops, studios, handicraft companies, restaurants and offices.

A few miles south of Bergen is the home of Edward Grieg. There is also a museum honoring the composer. Uniting Norwegian folk music with the new Romantic music of the continent, he placed Norway on the musical world map for all time. 

Music lovers listen to Grieg and picture in their mind's eye fjords, mountains, green forests, rivers and trolls.

We sail trough the Bjørnafjorden and the Blømlafjorden to the queen of the fjords.

The Hardangerfjord
Also called the queen of the fjords.

From high mountains and glaciers the majestic waterfalls foam down into the Hardangerfjorden.

This fjord (179 km long) is famous because of a mild and pleasant climate and clear, light summer nights. They are ideal for our guests, as well as for fruit and berries. This area is Norway’s largest fruit-growing district.

The Hardangerfjord district has long traditions in tourism, dating back to the 1830s. There are several charming fjord villages situated around the fjord.

A village on the outer part of Hardangerfjord and close to the Folgefonn-glacier. Main attraction is the Rosendal Baronial Manor from 1665.

The Folgefonn-glacier
The glacier is Norwegian 3rd biggest glacier. The glacier rises to a height of 1654 metres. You can walk from Sunndal to the majestic Folgefonn-glacier or take a seaplane for flying around the glacier.

Of course we will discover the idyllic town Skudeneshavn, with his old wooden houses. It's a little town on the island of Karmøy.

We hoist our sails for a nice sailing trip to the beautiful and changing countryside of Ryfylke with his mountains and fjords.

The Pulpit Rock
Norway's greatest attractions remains its scenery. And where can you see that better than on the Pulpit Rock!

The Pulpit (Preikestolen) is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the southern part of Norway. The mountain plateau dives 604 meters vertically to the Lysefjord below, and the top is an almost level plateau of 25x25 meters. You can see all the way into Lysebotn at the end of the Lysefjorden.

We offer you the possibility to walk (approximately 1.5 to 2 hours from Preikestolhytta) to this famous rock.

The city has a wide variety of exciting nightlife. Nice shops, a daily market and small white wooden houses.

Interesting museums like the Maritime, Norwegian Petroleum and the Archaeological.
This oil capital is also The Gateway to the Norwegians fjords.

We hoist our sails for a nice sailing trip to the Norwegian Riviera.

Norwegian Riviera
We will sailing
from Stavanger along the Norwegian Riviera to Korshamn or Mandal.

We can see Flekkefjord. This town has a charming collection of wooden houses. The oldest quarter is called "Hollenderbyen" or "Dutch Quarter", a reminder of days gone by.
Beyond the Flekkefjord is the island of Hidra with its idyllic communities, Kirkehamn and Rasvåg.

In this little town we visit our Norwegian friend Henning and his family. They preparing a delicious skalldire diner for us. Taste the hospitality of the Norwegian people.

From here we make a decision. Or we sail first to Thyborøn and Hvide Sande (Denmark) or we sail directly to The Netherlands.

After our visit to Vlieland (The Netherlands) we will reach Harlingen on the 23 of August.

If you are already in Norway, step on board for one or more days!
You will get a discount on our price!

Ask the skipper for more details.
E-mail or phone now!

*More information see our page about Norway.

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Bergen Norway

Bergen, Bryggen, Norway

Hardangerfjord, Norway

Sailingyacht Kamminga Sailing

Folgefonn-glacier, view from a helicopter

Pulpit rock

Stavanger Norway

Sailingyacht Kamminga Sailing

Harbour in Norway

Korshamn, Norway

Sailingyacht Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht Kamminga Sailing

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