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Velkommen til Norge number 3
(28 July - 11 August, 12/15 days, from € 1075,-)

Bergen - Fedje - Florø - Nordfjord - Briksdalglacier - Hellesøy - Bergen

Combined sailing and walking tours on this nice trip.

This trip will start from Dronrijp (The Netherlands) on Saturday 28 of July. Our van* is driving from The Netherlands to Denmark. The ferry brings us to Bergen. In Bergen is your sailing yacht De Hilde Baudine. Your start for a beautiful vacation trough Fjord Norway!

This city was Norway's premier trading center for centuries. In its heyday, the fish trade provided the basis for one of northern Europe's largest and richest cities.

In Bergen, there is no missing the fish market and Bryggen - built by members of the old Hanseatic league. The Fløybanen funicular railway, with its spectacular views, is a must, as is Grieg's home, "Troldhaugen".

Music lovers listen to Grieg and picture in their mind's eye fjords, mountains, green forests, rivers and trolls.

We hoist our sails for a sailing trip to Fedje.

Fedje is in the northwest corner of Hordaland. It is the western most municipality in Norway. Fedje has a population of about 680.

One of the attractions is Kræmmerholmen, a trading post and inn from 1668.

Florø is surrounded by beautiful islands.

The glaciers, fjord, sea, lakes and mountains of Nordfjord have some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer.

Our sailing trip through the Nordfjord offers an exceptional variety of scenery ranging from blue glacier arms and towering mountains to fertile valleys.

The region is ideal for our guests seeking adventures like glacier walks and summer skiing. In Nordfjord, you can walk in unspoilt mountain terrain, or along the many nature and cultural trails.

We sail to Briksdal.

Briksdal Glacier 
The beautiful Briksdal Glacier is a part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park
between the Sognefjord and Nordfjord. The Jostedal Glacier is the largest glacier on mainland Europe. The National Park has an enormous diversity of natural environments; from forest in the lowlands to glaciers and snow covered mountains. The glacier accounts for half of the area of the national park.

The Briksdal Glacier attracts visitors from all over the world. The wild glacier swoops down from a height of 1200m to the lush, narrow Briksdal Valley.

There is a 2.5 kilometer track that takes you to the glacier from the car park. You can either take a walk or you can rent little car. The walk to the glacier takes about 45 minutes. Walks and climbing on the glacier have become very popular activities. You can walk up to the glacier lake in front of the snout. You will see one of Norway's fastest flowing glaciers up close.

From Hellesøy we sail back to Bergen.

We are sailing in to the harbor of Bergen. We will stay in front of the Bryggen.

The very first buildings in Bergen were on the Bryggen waterfront, and it has been a lively and central part of the city for centuries. This world heritage site is what remains of the old harbour buildings. Bryggen has 61 protected buildings. The area houses a variety of businesses, including shops, studios, handicraft companies, restaurants and offices.

You can take a fascinating journey to the peak of Fløyfjellets (320 m). The line is as popular with visitors to Bergen. It's provides panorama views of Bergen and its surroundings.  

Old Bergen is an open air museum featuring more than 40 characteristic wooden houses placed around squares, in streets and alleyways. The interiors show living conditions, trade and craft businesses from the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

On August 10 leaves the ferry from Bergen to Denmark. With our van* you arrive in Dronrijp (The Netherlands) on Saturday 11 August.
It is also possible that you take the airplane.

 If you are already in Norway, step on board for one or more days!
You will get a discount on our price!

Ask the skipper for more details.
E-mail or phone now!


*More information see our page about Norway.


Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Bergen, Norway

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Bergen Norway

Bergen Norway


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