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The Dutch islands

The Dutch islands are a perfect place for an escape of the real world. For people who wants to touch nature.

We have some nice trips for you to three of the five Dutch islands.

What do you think of Texel? This island is known as little Holland. Its offer us forest, beaches, dunes and polder-land. Or Vlieland? With her quietness and space. And what do you think of Terschelling? For people who loves nature and culture.

Frisian flag, Friesland, Fryslan  Terschelling  

Terschelling is one of the biggest Dutch islands. The island has an area of 11.000 hectare. 80 % is nature.

There are about 5000 people living on the island. The sun is shining more often then on the main land.

Most of our weekend trips are going from Harlingen to Terschelling and Vlieland. After three hours sailing, we will reach Terschelling.

The sea gulls and seals on the sand-banks are a familiar sight.

In the village West-Terschelling is a modern harbour where De Hilde Baudine can stay. 

If you want we can hire some bicycles. Terschelling boasts an extensive network of cycle-track.

These tracks, paved with crushed sea shells, offer a splendid opportunity to reach many interesting places on the island.

Enjoy Terschelling, see the nature and culture !

Frisian flag, Fryslan, Friesland  Vlieland

From Harlingen we are sailing with De Hilde Baudine in approximately three hours to this peaceful island. There is plenty of time to learn navigation and sailing.

It is a beautiful island unspoiled by traffic since only residents are allowed to have automobiles on the island.
You can hire a bicycle or walk one of many routes.
Vlieland is an island with a family atmosphere. On the island there is a higher ratio of sunny days per year than on the mainland.

The island of Vlieland has only one village, Oost-Vlieland. There are about 1100 residents. The village contains many buildings classified as monuments. The main street is renovated in its original state.

Do you want to see this beautiful island? Take a look at our program.

Vlieland, discover it by yourself !

Holland, The Netherlands Texel

Texel is the largest and most populated island. The island has an area of 16.000 hectare.
It has 24 km of beaches and hosts the world's largest catamaran race. There are about 13.000 residents on the island.

Texel has many things to offer. There are nice historical villages, museum, beaches, dunes, polder-land and many bicycle and walking routes.

We can also sail on the North sea from Texel to Terschelling. Or an other route.

On Texel you are free like the birds .....

Enjoy a few days of wind, sea, nature and culture !

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing

Sailingyacht De Hilde Baudine from Kamminga Sailing



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